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How do I paint salt dough - Panel "Houses"

How do I paint salt dough

Such a cozy panel with houses, which anyone can do. I want to share a step-by-step photo of the coloring of the work, because this is a very important point that many make incorrectly painting crafts from salt dough.

Photo 1. We modeled houses with the salt dough on some basis. In my case, it's oval cast from gypsum. This can be a plywood craft blank or a photo frame. Salt dough details are glued to the basis using PVA glue. By the time of painting, the crafts must be dried.

How to paint salt dough

Photo 2. We take brown gouache and paint all the salt dough. This step is called toning. Leave the work for 10-15 minutes. You can use any color for toning, depending on what the final effect you need. I usually use black or brown gouache or instant coffee.

How do I paint salt dough

Photo 3. Wet a soft cloth in the water, squeeze well and wash off gouache. The convex parts will become lighter, and the paint will remain in the depressions, so we will show the relief and volume of our work.

Toning can not be done with acrylic paint, because it does not wash off. But you can paint the work with black or brown acrylic paint, and then after drying, walk on the surface of the craft with white acrylic paint with a sponge or a wide brush. You will get a similar effect.


Before painting the salt dough with acrylic paints, it must be primed with a special acrylic primer.

How do I paint salt dough - Tutorial

Photo 4. We put white gouache to our work with a large semi-dry brush. In this way we will even more clearly highlight the convex parts.

Painting salt dough

Photo 5. Now I start painting with usual watercolor (you can take gouache). I painted roofs, greenery and the door on the central house. I try to paint a thin layer, so as not to overlap the relief.

how do I paint salt dough decorations

Photo 6. The main gypsum background I paint with dark blue paint (gouache or acrylic). Gypsum is pre-primed (pva + water - 1: 2).

how do I paint salt dough

Photo 7. Panel is covered with varnish. First, I covered all the salt dough details with a furniture colorless varnish, and then after drying the whole panel was completely sprayed with an aerosol varnish.

Front view

Salt dough fairy houses - wall decorative panel - front view

Side view

Salt dough fairy houses - wall decorative panel - side view

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