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Об авторе блога

My name is Nastya. I am 29 years old, married and we have a daughter. Smile

I graduated from the Faculty of International Relations, my specialization was North America and Latin America. I also studied English and Spanish. After university, I started working in IT and websites development, etc. Now I'm on maternity leave and also work from home, I administer the websites.

This blog is dedicated to the modeling of salt dough. 2 years ago, I accidentally found out about this kind of creativity and my it changed my life in a good way. Now I have a favorite hobby and extra income, I sell my works.

In this blog, I will share my secrets, show new works and provide step by step tutorials.

Join now, it will be interesting! Smile

My salt dough ornaments:


Salt Dough Owls

Fairy Houses

Salt Dough Fairy Houses

"Cat on the roof"  - decorative panels

"Fairy Houses" - wall key holder

"Fairy Houses" - wall key holder

"Night Town" - decorative panels

Salt dough cats

Salt dough cats  Salt dough cats



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