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Fairy city
I love beautiful houses. And this love has appeared after my trips to Europe (Paris, Vienna, Prague). I just walked through the old Central streets and admired the intricate architecture. And our dull urban boxes now depress me. So I decided to make a wall key holder  with fairy...
Salt Dough Owls
This pair is my first owls made with salt dough. They have real twigs collected in the woods. At first I wanted to make a simple wall pendant. But I put the owls to the frame, and they seem made for each other. I wanted  to buy more frames, but I couldn't find anywhere such a...
Salt Dough -  Christmas Fairy House
This is my first Christmas fairy house. It was made in November 2015. Materials used: jar of baby food, cardboard, salt dough,  fluorescent gouache, aerosol varnish for cars. Christmas fairy house - door - front view. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});...
Salt Dough Ornament Recipe
I've been using this recipe for 2 years. It's quick and easy to make. This recipe is my big secret but I 'll share it with you. 1 cup of fine table salt 2/3 cup of water 1.5-2 cups of flour Put a glass of fine salt into a medium bowl. Add tap water, no matter, warm or cold...