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Fairy Pumpkin House - Papier mache
My first papier-mache house-box. I went to this level for a very long time. And let this pumpkin is not perfect, but I'm very, very happy. Such a beautiful and fabulous pumpkin. I would be happy to have this as a child. )))) The whole pumpkin is completely made of papier mache ,...
Panel for the children's room in bright colors
For a long time I wanted to make a fairy-tale panel for the children's room in bright colors. Psychologists advise for children to use gentle and pure colors: pink, yellow, blue and light green. Children love bright colors and fantasy stories, so this art work is for small dreamers...
How do I paint salt dough
Such a cozy panel with houses, which anyone can do. I want to share a step-by-step photo of the coloring of the work, because this is a very important point that many make incorrectly painting crafts from salt dough. Photo 1. We modeled houses with the salt dough on some basis. In my...
salt dough panel
The new key holder with the houses is so warm and cozy. A window into the fairy-tale world. Can you imagine how such beauty meets you every day when you come home? .. Wall key holder - decorative panel "Houses" made with salt dough on plywood. 4 hooks for keys. 2 rear...